Experience A Pub Virtually From The Comfort Of Your Home

Do you miss going to a good pub and having a pint of Guinness? Do you miss the feel and atmosphere of having a surrounding where you can get to interact and meet with other people? Well, what if we tell you we have a solution for how you are feeling right now?

Yes, you can still enjoy the same atmosphere and a pint of Guinness virtually as well. You can enter the pub, chat up with the bartender or people around you, and rediscover the meaning of Slainte through this experience. 

This new virtual reality (VR) game is made by us for all the pub lovers to enjoy from the comfort of their homes! Here are some benefits of using our platform to experience a pub in virtual reality. 

Accessible From Any Device 

It is not just a browser experience. You can access this virtual reality game from any device such as your tablet, iPad, and smartphone as well. One great thing about accessing it from your smartphone is that you can slide in your VR headset and experience it in the best way there is!

So, it doesn’t matter where you are or what device you have because you can access it anywhere, anytime, and on anything!

Rediscover Your Love For Pubs And Slainte 

Do you miss going into a pub and toasting with “Slainte” with people around you? Well, you can now have the same experience through this virtual reality game. 

You will enter the pub, you can have a pint with other people while cheering Slainte and in no time you will rediscover your love for pubs as you get to experience it again, even if it is just virtually!

Lifelike Experience 

This virtual reality game for pub lovers has been made using the most cutting-edge technology. This is why you will have an experience like no other. Everything will seem so lifelike and real that you will forget where you are and you will feel that you are actually in a pub!

Explore The Virtual World Like Never Before 

If you are looking to break your routine and experience something new then a virtual reality pub game is the best way to unwind and do something new. It will allow you to experience the virtual side like you never have before and it will help you de-stress from a long and hard day. 

It is an altogether different gaming experience than video games because it is very much real. Every detail is executed to perfection so you can have an experience that is as close to reality as it can be. 

Start to explore now! 

Want to experience all of this too? Well, why not start a virtual reality game of pubs and finally get to visit your favorite pub virtually? Have a pint, talk to some people, listen to some music, and discover the meaning of Slainte. All in one game. Head over to our page to play the game now!