Three events to check out on Culture Night 2019

There goes another one. The recent announcement by the Bernard Shaw that it will be closing for good this October, to be replaced in time by a hotel, was met with widespread dismay. It is the latest institution that Dublin has to wave goodbye to in a short period of time. Who could blame us for desiring a lock-in that lasts a lifetime? We sit by the bedside of our city hearing its night-life-machine weakly beep, fearing the inevitable hold of that sound will precede the turning to a flatline visual that may be contagious. A city is for leisure and culture, not simply business.

While it’s a blow to see the Shaw go, it would save us future pain to remember that the Bodytonic crew were, as Mark Paul puts it in his Irish Times piece, only ‘keeping the seat warm’. The owner of that site, The Richmond Partnership, always had intentions of developing that space for the benefit of tourists. The effects on the recession gave us several good years in one of the coolest pubs in the city. Now the property market is strong again. A boom of sorts is back and drinking holes are taking a hit.

Let’s do our best to stop this trend from continuing. Lend your support to the likes of Give Us The Night, as we intend to, in the battle to save nights from strictly being associated with work, late shifts and time when your bathroom breaks are logged on a computer. To a vision of what Dublin could be if the people in charge of the city saw the value of art, mark this upcoming Friday (the 20th) with a love heart. Culture Night returns for its fourteenth year. It is the annual arts celebration that sees venues and public spaces stay open late into the night with free entry to all and booking required for some. For a full programme, click here to survey your options.

We’ve highlighted three picks that you should check out when Friday comes around. They encapsulate what Culture Night is all about. You can step into the dojo of Andre Ramos, backing up that lifelong intention to try your hand at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. If you’re not in the mood for physical activity, bury your head in one of many pageturners in the Last Bookshop, where actor Karl O’Neill will be reading Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Devoted Friend’ and ‘The Bullet Match’ by John O’Connor. For the food lovers among you, swing by Bretzel Bakery and wow your friends with your fresh knowledge of bread. All that you knead to know. Oh, God, here come the puns. Mind your loaf.

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