Three veggie restaurants in Dublin

There’s never been a better time to be a vegetarian in Dublin. Here are three spots to try first.


Govindas is renowned around the world for the quality of its food and it has been a staple of vegetarian cuisine in Dublin for more than two decades. Offering hearty meals in huge portions, the unique ambience of Govindas is another reason to check it out. Their ethos is devotional to Krishna, ‘a name for the supreme being according to the Vedic texts of ancient India.’ The name Govinda is actually an alternate title for Krishna. It makes sense as the calm atmosphere inside the restaurant is not unlike what one would imagine a temple eatery to resemble. 

Recommendation: A bit of everything. Honestly, the deli service offers the opportunity to point and say ‘and that’ over and over again. Do it.

Umi Falafel

When Umi first opened its doors in Dublin in 2013, its owners had a dream: To get falafels the credit they’re due. It was a dream destined to come true. A reputation forged, they’ve dragged the tasty sandwiches up by the lapels of their wraps, inspiring the introduction of rival falafel joints in Dublin. As far as we’re concerned – until sides have to be picked for a falafel war – this is a good thing. Besides, they have a loyal customer base in Dublin so there isn’t any need to fear draft dodgers should that day ever arrive.

For now, Umi takes only arms against bad food and expensive menus. With a multitude of branches dotted all over the city centre, Umi is a chain that one can rely upon to provide tasty meals at affordable prices. Middle Eastern food options for vegetarians and vegans are available across the menu. Marvel at the rejuvenation of the falafel.

Recommendation: You can’t spell halloumi without Umi and their breaded sandwich option (paired with a lentil soup meal deal) is delicious.

V Restaurant

The new kid on the block, V landed in Crane Lane of the Temple Bar area in 2019. They cater to vegans with an extensive range of meat alternatives replicating the taste of staple authentic meats, like chicken, pork and beef. The pulled pork melt option consists of jackfruit rather than any actual animal products and it’s a damn good imitation, tasting all the better in the knowledge that no animals were harmed in the making of this meal. While greater menu variety would be welcome, it will come in time for this likeable dog-friendly restaurant currently in its infancy.

Recommendation: Those vegan nachos are the eco-friendly bomb you never thought you would be able to take multiple bites out of.